• April 27th, 2016

Assessment 2 – Supply chain planning and design

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

. The success and profitability of Toyota is due to the very efficient design of their supply chains.

You are required to:
Select one of the companies for your project
– Company selected is Toyota

Question: Identify which particular aspects of the supply chain help to contribute to the success of the company

-When discussing this question please make sure you address just-in-time, lean, KAIZEN, Total quality management but heavily focus on Lean and just-in-time

• You must use at least 10 peer-reviewed publications to support your report. In addition, you will need to read and refer to non-peer reviewed documents such as books, trade journals and articles to substantiate your discussion.
• Length: 1500 words
• Please do not include an introduction, conclusion or executive summary, rather just answer the question as we will do this as a group, however, you will need to include headings and subheadings as it is a report.
• Use the Chicago referencing style
• You should demonstrate a mature level of post-graduate writing.
• Supply chain management concepts and approaches learnt in this unit must be linked to this assignment.
• Students will be evaluated in terms of their capacity to demonstrate understanding of the key issues in the relevant literature and applying it to the area of supply chain management under supply chain competitive advantage and optimal performance.
• Must demonstrate the width and depth of the arguments.
• All references must be and listed in the reference section.
• Use illustrations, diagrams, charts and table.
• Use your spell check functions. Proofread your document.

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