• April 14th, 2016

Asian Cinema Essay 2

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Essay Question: Through his comparison of the anime Ghost in the Shell (Oshii Mamoru, 1995) with Japanese puppet theatre, Christopher Bolton challenges the claim that “while the story [of Ghost in the Shell] describes the transcendence of the major’s mechanical shell, the film’s visuals show an obsessive interest in the major’s human shape or shapeliness, an interest which suggests that the gendered body is not transcended by technology but, rather objectified and commodified to a greater degree” (Bolton, 735). Through the analysis of particular scenes in the anime, critically assess Bolton’s (as well as Susan Napier’s) reading of the gendered body in Ghost in the Shell, as an artificial body that manifests the vulnerability of the human body (“the vulnerability of all human being,” Napier, 112) instead of exemplifying the objectified female body.

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