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Visit a museum, gallery, or local art show. Review a piece of art using the “Artistic Properties” Handout
• Record your impressions of the art forms. What impressed you and why?
• Do you relate to a specific piece and why or why not?
• Does this art reflect you as an individual? society? culture?
• What is the social value of this art?
• How does it have a postive or negative effect on your own personal values?

2. Review a magazine devoted to popular culture or contemporary art. (you can find these at the local library or online)
• After you have reviewed the magazine, please answer the following questions:
o Who is the intended audience?
o How much of the magazine is devoted to hard content versus advertising?
o What sort of values does the magazine present?
o Does the magazine provide multiple points of perspective, or does it take a singular approach to its content area? Explain your answer.
o Does the magazine differentiate between art and popular culture, or is contemporary art just another element of popular culture? Explain your answer.
o How does the magazine’s contents relate to larger trends in American art and popular culture?
3. Select and view a movie that had a marked impact on American popular culture. Discuss the following:
• How has the film had an influence in our culture?
• Did the film provide a vocabulary that became part of the American vernacular?
• Did the film has success and influence in merchandising, fashion, or brand awareness?
• Did it discuss social issue of the past 30 years?
• How did it contribute to pop culture in regard to social values?

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