• April 20th, 2016

Artistic Text and Interpretation

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How to go about this essay :

Examine the piece you created closely and take notes on the elements you see as important to its meaning. Once you have developed the notes, do the following.


(a) Brainstorm a list of how, what, and why questions (Insider’s Guide, p. 132) regarding various aspects of the text related to its meaning(s). (b) Select one or two questions that seem most promising to try and answer. You should be able to draw direct evidence from the text (and your notes) that supports your answer. (c) Select and rewrite the best question that has evidence, and then write a thesis statement.


Construct the remainder of your interpretation of the text based on the thesis statement. Try to develop an interpretation that’s organized with clear reasons and evidence. Use examples actually taken from your text as evidence.

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