• April 4th, 2016

Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

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Scene Analysis

Description and Guidelines


This worksheet is a starting point for analyzing your scene and the character you are portraying in it. Using your imagination and the play as resources, type out the answers to the following questions (please include the question before each answer). Re-read the play first, with these questions in mind, and answer as the character would. You may answer impressionistically or in lists, but answer vividly, not academically. You must complete this worksheet for both of your scenes. See the syllabus for due dates.


  1. Who am I? (Already done when Character Sketch worksheet was completed.)
  2. Who am I talking to? (Be SPECIFIC. A trusted friend? A jilted lover? A homicidal intruder? Can you make a substitution from your own life for this person?)
  3. Where am I?
    • What kind of place is it?

Bonaparte home in living room/ kitchen.

  • Where is it geographically located?

New York.

  • What’s the weather/climate like?

Clear sky night.

  • What surrounds me?

A dining room table, a sideboard, a birdcage, light above the table.

  • What are the colors and textures?

A wooden table, the birdcage is metal,

  • What kind of furniture?

A table, chairs, a couch.

  • What does it mean to me?
  • What are the objects in this place? How do I feel about them?

Newspapers, beer, cups, and a birdcage.

  • Am I in public or private?

Private place

  • Can you make a substitution from your own life for this location?

Yes, my home.

  1. What time is it?

20th century

  • Historical Period.

Great Depression





1 am

  1. What just happened? (The moment before. The inciting incident. What event sparks the scene and propels the character(s) into action?)
  2. What do I want? (This is my scene objective – what my character wants, needs, desires, intends at this precise moment. Be specific, and make sure it’s singular, immediate, and personally important.)
  3. Why do I want it? (The justification for my objective. I must have a good reason for wanting something.)
  4. How will I get it? (What action will I take to get what I want? Describe these actions using active verbs. To plead. To guilt. To threaten, etc. Again, be as specific as possible.)
  5. What must I overcome to achieve my objective? (What inner and outer obstacles stand in my way? What situations, relationships, persons, events, etc. may prevent me from achieving what I want?)

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