• April 19th, 2016

Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

OBJECTIVE: Read/Listen/Watch, analyze, and critically interpret course supplemental materials which are intended to aid class discussions and student learning.
>>QCQ contains three parts:

1. QUOTE — Quote a portion of the resource you find compelling enough to discuss and question. A sentence or two, or three is good.

2. COMMENT — Make a statement about your quote. Why did you select it and what is your opinion about the quote? How do you relate to the statement recorded and what sort of experiences influence your understanding of the quote?

3. QUESTION — Pose a question to the class to help provoke a discussion about your quote and comment. The question should draw opinions from your classmates. The questions should not necessarily be about or directed towards informational or technical concerns, but more towards drawing others to discuss subjective thoughts and ideas. HINT: If you question can be answered by typing it into a Google Search, then it is the wrong type of question.

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