• April 18th, 2016

Argumentative essay.

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In an essay of 700-850 words, make an argument about how and why a novel should be turned into a tv show. Provide support for your argument by discussing Adios to My Old Life. You should also address how it is similar or different to something else that’s already on tv (and either succeeded or failed). Your essay should show your growing ability to understand the debate between high and low art. It should also show some awareness of the sub-genres of television. In other words, you should pick a specific style of tv (e.g. soap opera, sitcom, detective/suspense, chat show, drama, musical, etc) into which you think your novel(s) should be adapted. As with Assignment One, you are trying to persuade a specific audience; only in this case, your audience is television network executives. You are free to think about (and mention) which network/cable/streaming service would be the best fit for your show and why.

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