• April 9th, 2016

Are the people working for TaskRabbit entrepreneurs or employees?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Introduction (150 words): Write an engaging introduction in which you lay out what is at stake here in this case. Why is it important to know whether the rabbits (as they are euphemistically called) are entrepreneurs or employees? Who gains and who loses from the classification of the rabbits as employees, as opposed to independent contractors.


Middle (500 words): This is where you get to lay out the facts of your case. (1) Describe TaskRabbit. When did it come about? What does it do? What’s it mean to work for TaskRabbit? Here you will have to do a bit of extra research. We talked about TaskRabbit in class, but the material that we covered (in class and/or in readings) will not be enough to answer this question fully. Do a little extra work here. Don’t go overboard, but provide enough background for the law firm to understand what is going on. (2) As you think about whether the rabbits are entrepreneurs, ponder over the meaning of entrepreneurship. Think about it in all of its different dimensions. Here is your chance to showcase what you have learned in the class. (3) Make the case that the rabbits of TaskRabbit are, indeed, entrepreneurs. Support your argument by describing the work of ONE author we either read about or discussed in class. (4) Now be properly scholarly and describe the opposite side of the argument as well – make the case that the rabbits are not independent contractors but employees. Here, too, be sure to support your argument by reference to the work of ONE author whose work we either read or talked about in class.


Conclusion (100 words): Are the rabbits entrepreneurs or employees? Which side do you take in this debate? Explain your position, connect your argument to the material that you presented in the middle part of your paper. Justify your position; do not simply assert it

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