• April 23rd, 2016

Are hysterectomies over diagnosed

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Research question: are hysterectomies being used as birth control for women age 31 to 39, living in Houston, Texas (Harris County) who were on food stamps?

-Identify a health related issues that cause hysterectomies.
-Discuss research efforts to use hysterectomies, as a last resource of treatment because of permanent sterilization.
-Discuss the burden on the health entitlement system in supporting women with multiple children. Include a graft showing the financial support required for a family of two, three, four, five, and six. Also, state the average size family in Houston, Texas. Harris County on food stamps.
-Include other diseases that burden. this population. ( 3 pages)

Propose a family planning program that would educate women on birth control options, women’s health, nutritional education and financial planning. (1 page)

Include recommendations for future research on related topics from the information provided. (1 page)

make one of the references used for this proposal the Houston, Texas. Harris County senses of the year 2007 or later.

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