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​As part of your final assignment, you will be evaluating your major project, by drawing on relevant literature and theoretical frameworks. The goal of writing an evaluation is to systematically analyse a multimodal  text and to argue how it might have been designed better in terms of its representational, interpersonal and organisational meanings. After the introduction that describes the text, you should write the body of your evaluation by focussing on the positive and negative aspects of the design.

Part A 1500-word EVALUATION REPORT (30%)

As an expert in your field, you have been asked by the designer of a multimodal text (a lobby, an exhibition space, an exhibition, a fashion collection, a website, an interior design) to evaluate the text for the purpose of improving the design or suggesting an alternative design.
Drawing on relevant theories of design and using the metafunctional framework introduced in this course, write a 1500-word evaluation report of the multimodal text. (Note that the interactional  metafunction is obligatory). Provide the designer with realistic recommendations on ways in which to improve the design and discuss the alternative social meanings. The recommendations should be based on the findings of an explicit systematic analysis of the text.
The multimodal text to be analysed will be your own major project; therefore, you should place yourself in the role of an objective appraiser and evaluate the design as an impartial professional.

This is a problem, then I will send you there mention of ‘theoretical frameworks’ that some professional terms, and I will send the relevant reading material to the class, I will give out the basic keywords,
Keywords need to be mentioned professional terms (both looking at reading material in get, to do reference):
genre / hodological space / ambient space / salience / personal space / connotation / narrative / dynamic organisation /
Read related reference material attached to the following document,
Our design work group photos are attached to the bottom,
The design work is a very simple basic selling beachwear clothes shop, then imagine it a little fine point in time analysis, because manual can not be reached, but can be predicted with reasonable conjecture, it is expected to give the concept say achieve what kind of effect and the like.


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