• April 16th, 2016

Applying theories and communication in social worker

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

to begin with this is a social work assignment therefore it should be written in a social work related way.
secondly this is a degree assignment please could you use simplified Uk english that I can understand and please make sure you reference the work very well using harvard reference 5th edition,finally try and use some journals as well as books to evidence the work.
questions are below:
1. Explain why good communication skills are important within Social work?
2. What are some of different types of communication (consider verbal and non verbal communication) and Outline why it is important to understand these types of communication.
3. What are the barriers to communication that might exist between social workers and service users? (Discuss about language barrier, learning disability barriers, and mental health as a barrier and cultural differences as a barrier.)
4. Suggest ways or methods to overcoming these barriers in social work practice (method to overcome barriers talk about.. SOLER, PROXEMIC, Anti oppressive practice and understanding individual differences plus building trust with the service users.)
Support this discussion with evidence and relevant reading.
Word count (1200)

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