• March 8th, 2016

Applied bilogical psychology (Delyed speech with children)

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Students will be asked to identify an area of interest from Section II of the text (Application of Neurobiology in Psychology). Topics must have a biological focus (For example: brain areas associated in schizophrenia; neurotransmitters associated with drug addiction). Final papers will be 5 pages (not including references) and will be written in APA format. (Cover page and abstract are not necessary). Final papers will represent 20% of the student’s final grade.

Definition of language and speech and the different between them
How the normal speech occur in our brain and the brain area that responsible for producing speech. The normal development of the speech process through the life span of the individual.
THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO FOCUS ON is to talk about the process of delayed speech in children The cause and the effect in the brain of language delay with children WHAT HAPPEND EXACTLY detail structural areas involved in early speech and what happens in delayed speech.

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