• April 22nd, 2016

Applied Behavior Analyst

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Question 1: Selection and Measurement Of Target Behaviors

Discuss and Define:

-Use the following PowerPoint presentations in preparation for ICS Part 1 and 2 in this unit:

Chapter 3, “Selecting and Defining Target Behaviors.”

Chapter 4, “Measuring Behavior.”

-Use your Psychology of B. F. Skinner text to read the following:

Chapter 8, “Applied Behavior Analysis,” pages 149–163.


Question 2: Prioritizing Problem Behaviors

You will hear your instructor talk about how to prioritize a set of behaviors for intervention and how to observe and define human behavior in observable and measurable terms. Post a substantive response to the following question:

-Discuss the variables to be considered in prioritizing problem behaviors for intervention.


Question 3: Functional and Topographical Behaviors

In ABA, we must provide a topographical description of what the behavior looks like first before we gather information about the antecedents and consequences. The starting point for a functional behavior assessment is to define the behavior in clear, objective and complete terms so it can be measured.

-First define Functional and Topographical Behaviors

-Observe two different individuals for 10–20 minutes at home, workplace or in the community.

-Post a substantive response to the following:

-How was your observation “unobtrusive”

-Briefly describe the setting and the individual you observed.

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