• April 20th, 2016

Application Project (Business in computer K201)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Project Content. The project overall will consist 3 parts:

Part I Project file (70 points)
You will choose to complete the project using either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access

A. Microsoft Excel Project: Your Excel project file must consist of the following components:
1. The first worksheet called “Documentation” showing project title, purpose, and your name or team member names. (3 points)
2. One or more Excel worksheets containing the project content. The project content must have…
a. Specific and clearly marked areas for data entry where users can add or change the value of certain variables. The data entry area should accommodate different situations and/or additional data (7 points)
b. At least 10 uses of appropriate Excel formulas, functions, and/or data manipulation. Do not “hard-code” formula (e.g., embedded values into formulas). Instead, use cell references and a list of variables where appropriate. A function that may be copied or AutoFilled to another location, is counted as one. The same function (e.g., IF) used for two completely different purposes in different context may be counted as two. (40 points)
c. At least one Chart (or Chart sheet) accurately and professionally formatted to represent data from the Excel worksheet(s). Select an appropriate chart type that best represents your data. (10 points).
d. At least 1 worksheet (other than the Documentation worksheet) appropriately and completely formatted for printing (e.g., include page header/footer, customized page setup options, print area, print titles, etc. where appropriate). (5 points)
3. The overall appearance of the Excel file must be appropriately, professionally, and consistently formatted. Please use clear, consistent headings and labels throughout the workbook. (5 points)
Part II Project documentation (25 points)
The project documentation should be written in Microsoft Word and contain the following components.
1. Project cover page: includes the project title and team member(s).
2. Introduction: at least 1-2 paragraphs description of what this project is all about.
3. User manual: Detail description of how to use this application step-by-step. The style and length of this section varies depending on the type and complexity of your project. Some screen shots would be helpful when writing the user manual. Include explanations and calculation details where appropriate.
4. Sample case: provide example(s) of the application usage. The sample case should include realistic input data and expected outcomes.

Helpful techniques to capture the screen image
a. Alt + PrintScreen to capture the active windows
b. Shift + PrintScreen to capture the full desktop screen
c. Use Snipping Tool to capture the screen (See instructions at https://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/use-snipping-tool-capture-screen-shots#1TC=windows-8)
To crop the image, paste the captured image in the Paint program. Select and copy only the portion of the screen. Then, paste the cropped image in your document (i.e., MS Word).

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