• January 30th, 2016

APA Reference list on one book and one journal

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APA Style Guide in the Course Resources area of the class site, create a properly formatted APA reference list for the following (30 points): TYPE: Book AUTHORS: william m. pride, robert j. hughes, jack r. kapoor TITLE: foundations of business YEAR: 2015 EDITION: fourth JOURNAL: VOLUME: ISSUE: PAGES: PUBLISHER: cengage CITY: mason, ohio DOI: TYPE: journal article AUTHORS: john e. sawyer, melissa a. houlette, erin l. yeagley TITLE: DECISION PERFORMANCE AND DIVERSITY STRUCTURE: COMPARING FAULTLINES IN CONVERGENT, CROSSCUT, AND RACIALLY HOMOGENEOUS GROUPS YEAR: 2006 JOURNAL: ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND HUMAN DECISION PROCESSES VOLUME: 99 ISSUE: 1 PAGES: 1-15 PUBLISHER: CITY: DOI: 10.1016/j.obhdp.2005.08.006 For this assignment, it is all in the details — periods, spaces, sentence case vs. title case, italics, etc. You need to go slowly and follow the examples. If you don’t know the difference between sentence-case, title-case, upper-case, and lower-case, you should use Google to discover the answer! Submit your responses in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. $20

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