• April 14th, 2016

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research question is What are the effective models to support the healthy transition between active duty service and civilian life?


There’s one small example in the Publication Manual of the citation of a measurement instrument, and it’s really more of a video that’s associated with a test. That means that this is a great opportunity for you to make the acquaintance of the APA Style Blog (Links to an external site.). You will find some very useful information there (such as “names of tests are proper names”) that will help your citation process.


Tests are often “for charge” items. They sometimes require expert interpretation (how often have you bumped into bogus implementations of the MBTI on Facebook?), and often they were costly to develop–a cost that needs to be recovered. However an instrument that fits your research may not otherwise be available. For his exercise, you may cite a review of a test or measurement instrument, but again, for practice, include the instrument itself (as well) in your reference list.


Same song, ninth and penultimate verse: a sentence or two, utilizing an in-text citation, followed by a reference list in conformity with the Saybrook standard, except no hanging indent.

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