• April 21st, 2016

Anything pertaining to port security

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The topic for your research paper can be anything pertaining to port security. However, you must clear your topic with me before proceeding. If you prefer, I will assign a topic for you just let me know.

Here are a few suggested topics: Piracy, Port Facility Operations, Maritime Transportation System, Organized Crime, United States Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection. If you pick one of these you still must clear with me before proceeding.

You are to prepare your paper in a word document (Times New Roman, Font 12) using Turabian style format, 7th edition (“Turabian 7th edition quick guide attached). Pay close attention to the samples for proper citing of bibliography references and footnotes. Your research paper should be 10-12 pages of content excluding your title page and bibliography page. A minimum of 10 outside references required. Additionally, you are to include a Title page, Bibliography page, and Footnotes included in your body of work.

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