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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Using the information in the sources that you have collected, prepare a 1-2 page outline of your topic.
The topic is ” what is the ecological role of primate in their ecosystem?
You are provided with some articles and some previous things i have written on the topic. please follow the outline above and prepare a 2 pages outline for the a final paper on the topic. previous summary has also been uploaded. please follow the source and provide 2 pages outline for the topic. you can also add relevant outline as well.
The guidelines are as written the below

A. Introduction
a. Describe the question you are addressing
b. Describe how it fits within primate behavior and ecology generally
i. Why is it important to understanding evolution, behavior, etc.
c. Describe, if you have found any information, some history of the topic.
i. “This topic was first studied by Darwin in his …”
B. Main/Competing Answers to the Question
a. From the information in your sources, describe each of the main answers to the question
b. Explain the evidence used to support each answer
c. If there are acknowledged problem areas, explain those
C. Summary and Conclusions
a. Evaluate the main answers relative to each other
i. You don’t necessarily have to pick one as the “winner”
b. Are there any areas where new studies could make a big impact?
i. For example, say that all the main answers really need to know which males are having reproductive success in specific types of primate groups. Then you should say that.
c. Are there any lines of evidence or approaches that none of the main answers really address?

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