• January 6th, 2017

Answer the following questions

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1)What processes you would put in place to comply with EMTALA to prevent the penalty of noncompliance and loss of licensure?(150words)

2)How would you react to a physician who wants the organization to purchase a new piece of technology that the competing hospital already has so he can bring his patients to your hospital rather than the competition? What factors would you consider in evaluating the wisdom of supporting his request? (150 words)

3) Financial dilemma: This week, please take a moment to see health care finance from the perspective of the providers we work with in our facilities and the payors responsible for approving and funding health care costs. First, pretend you are the provider recommending certain high dollar treatments for diagnosis and care of a neonatal client. As the physician, you know that you are well versed in diagnosing and treating this patient’s symptoms. The recommended treatment is essential and has been proven to save the lives of babies when performed. Next, view the hospital visit from the perspective of the third party insurance payor (e.g., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, etc.) who is concerned with the cost of services being requested by the physician who must review and approve these costs. Do you refuse to pay for the treatments because of the costs associated with them? What if the services or treatments are considered “investigational and experimental?” (100-150 words)

4)Describe your preference between managing a fixed or variable expense department. Why? What are the pros and cons of both?(150 word)

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