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Answer each question. Approximately 150 words per answer. Single spaced. Only one reference per question.

3. The readings on “off label” meds in children is valuable as “off label” prescribing in all populations is a particular concern. Your thoughts?
Reference it.

4. Discuss the ways in which pediatric and elderly patients are alike in determining appropriate medication dosages.
Reference it

7. How have your friends and family done controlling their asthma? What could have helped?
Reference it

8. Post a discussion about one of the newer anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, or anti-seizure medications currently on the market. What makes these newer medications different from some of the older medications in those classes? What would be the advantage of using a newer medication vs an older medication? What would you as an advanced practice nurse look for in your patient started on one of these medications? Use an evidence based reference to support your argument and remember to reply to another students with an evidence based reference.

9. What is the drug treatment to give a patient with gastric ulcer, and why?
Reference it

10. Choose a medication used to manage anemia or an electrolyte disorder and discuss the pharmacodynamics/kinetics of the medication, potential drug-drug concerns, or other pertinent information. Your reference must be less than 5 years old and cannot be from the text.
Reference it

11. Discuss the use of opioid medications in primary care? When should the nurse practitioner prescribe a narcotic for a patient in pain?
Reference it

12. Describe medications used to treat one of the following metabolic and hormonal condition: Diabetes Mellitus: Insulins and hypoglycemic agents
Reference it

13. What are the differences between monophasic pills, triphasic pills, and the “mini-pill”?
Reference it

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