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Animal Testing

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The format of the research project is as follows:


Introduction: 1 page maximum summarizing the objectives of your project.

Theoretical Framework and Topic Statement: In this section you are expected to describe in detail the context of the research. You will also highlight the questions that, in your opinion, are important for the field of Business Ethics and that need answers. In this section you will show a clear understanding of the topic you chose.


Methodology: Here you will describe the methods you chose to use in order to reach your objective which is to find pertinent answers to the questions you developed in the topic statement. In the case of an empirical project (in which, for example, you would need to give a questionnaire to individuals or companies) you will be required to describe the sample’s characteristics (average age, gender representation, number of employees, questionnaire used, and all other important characteristics). In other words, you will be required to show that you know what you are doing.


Results: This section will contain all the pertinent statistical information and any other relevant findings.


Discussion: The most important section of your work. You will analyze the results of your study. You will show a clear understanding of the nature and significance of your findings. Your analytical skills will clearly be of central importance to this section of your research.


**Recommendations: Based upon the critical analysis of your findings you will be required to provide recommendations that, in your opinion, will help improve the field of Business Ethics.


Conclusion: One page maximum in which, in point form where possible, you will summarize your findings.


Abstract: One page in which you summarize your research. It will include the objectives, methodology and the findings.


Bibliography: A list of the readings, books, articles, internet documents etc, used for the research project.

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