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Analyze (“going to meet the man” james baldwin) “BOOK”

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In the essay, which is to be at least 1800 words long not including the works cited list, you are expected to analyze one of the major texts for the course while referring to at least two full-length, peer-reviewed critical articles. , though a short extension may be granted for legitimate reasons.

Choose one or more of the main readings for the course as the subject of your essay. you should focus your final essay on James Baldwin’s work in your paper, You should choose the topic for the essay, whether it is one discussed in class in relation to the chosen text or of your own creation.

You are expected to conduct independent research to identify at least two full-length, peer-reviewed articles that are relevant to the text and topic your final essay focuses on. The peer-reviewed articles do not have to be literary scholarship. When in doubt, ask for instructor feedback to make sure that your sources satisfy the requirements. The articles that have been presented on in class, whether by yourself or by other class members, cannot be among your two required articles though they can be additional sources.

The essay should be double-spaced, and is to be accompanied with a works cited list. Both the works cited list and in-text citations should follow the MLA documentation format. For this assignment, your works cited list should be on its own page or pages (and not included on the last page of the main body of the essay). No cover or title page is needed.

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