• March 28th, 2016

Analytical Report

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

2.Analytical Report

Question: Analyse a defining moment in intelligence history from 1901 to now?

Further information and advice about how to tackle the question and issues to consider-
What are the specifics of the defining moment?
• For example, time, date and place – > remember context. (WW2, Cold War, Peace time)
What happened and how?
• For example, surprise attack, terrorist attack, number of dead, wounded, ships destroyed, a battle won/lost
• Who was the adversary?
What are the primary factors that contributed to the outcome?
In relation to intelligence-related factors/issues, for example:
• Communication issues (stove-piping, need to know vs need to share, agencies not sharing information with other agencies)
• Deception actions by enemy (radio silence, encrypted phones, use of codes)
• Receptiveness of policy makers and decision makers
• Resources and funding as well as priorities
• Lack of imagination on part of the Intelligence community
• Mirror imaging – assuming your adversary thinks and will act the same way you do.
Note: you may include other relevant factors (for example, economic, political).
Why is the event a defining moment in intelligence history?
• Consequences and impact? (for example, formation of new agencies, dissolution of old agencies, new legislation, new ways of working together or apart, more/less resources)

Problem picking ‘a moment’? – pick one from the following list
1. Cracking the Enigma code (WW2)
2. Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)
3. 9/11 (2001)
4. The Battle of Midway (1942)
5. Able Archer 83 (1983)
6. The attack on Pearl Harbor (1941)

Sources – (I will download it )
• Peer-reviewed journal articles
• Books from academic publishers
• Government reports
• Think Tanks (ASPI, Lowy, RAND)
Extra sources (which do not count towards your 10)
• Newspaper articles (be mindful of quality)
• Unit readings
• Documentaries
Analytical report Specifics –
• A cover page ( containing the unit number, name, tutor, word count and plagiarism declaration) is not required
• A title page (what the question is, your title and the word count) can be included.
• 1000 words +/- 10%
• Oxford or Harvard Referencing
• Bibliography required (Minimum 10 sources)

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