• March 29th, 2016

Analysis Paper

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compose an analysis paper examining a selected “boundary” or difference which has potential to impact organizational effectiveness. Students are encouraged to select a “boundary” and discuss it with your facilitator early in the course. The analysis should demonstrate (a) cultural intelligence of the differences between those on either side of the boundary and (b) what strategies for effective leadership communication can be applied to improve organizational effectiveness. The paper should culminate in a plan for effective communication. Be sure to consider virtual and new media as part of the plan. The paper should be 6-7 pages in length, double-spaced, include a title page, and conform to APA style and formatting.

Boundary approved by professor: TOPIC
The boundary accepted by my professor is leading in a multi-cultural environment a Hospital setting with 1-3 specific health care related values or beliefs as they relate to cultures.
For example…cultural views about end of life…or extending life…. and how one leads in an environment of pluralistic values/beliefs.

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