• March 3rd, 2016

An Investigation into the success and failures of the UK fashion industry.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

   An Investigation into the success and failures of the UK fashion industry. 

The research proposal should be structured using the following template

  1. Title


An Investigation into the success and failures of the UK fashion industry.


  1. Research questions(2 closely related questions that will help you investigate the academic problem worthy of research)


  • To what extent does the UK fashion industry keep pace with fashion trends?
  • In what ways does the UK supply chain influence the UK fashion industry?
  1. Literature review

The literature review should help you decide what you want to research and why.

Conclude your review by summarising the links between your literature review and your research questions.

Ensure you:

  • Provide a literature review that is relevant to your research idea
  • Identify the main theoretical concepts(in your chosen area)
  • Cover a range of academic sources(including recently published studies)
  • Use the review to present an argument for your own research


Note: Citing just 3 sources from the internet is not a literature review you need to read and reference academic texts and journals. As a guide, aim for minimum of 15 different academic sources.

  1. Methodology/Methods/Sample:


The methodology will need to include three sections

  • Methodology
  • Research methods
  • Sampling strategy


Please note: In all sections you need to justify your decisions and reference research method texts.


Your methodology should outline your overall approach and philosophical stance you will adopt (ie positivist and interpretivist) and say why you have taken this approach. Provide an overall introduction to the type of research you propose. Read about the differences between intrepretvist and positivist  approaches to research  and comment if possible on whether you feel your proposed research is more intrepretvist or positivist.Is your research more inductive or deductive?

Research Methods: How do you propose to do your research and why?


You should describe the methods by which you are going to gather the data, and any potential problems (e.g reliability?) with your selected method(s).Use research methods texts and explain why you are going to use the method(s) in relation to your research questions. Your research proposal will need to propose primary data collection

Sampling Strategy

You then need to outline the strategy, you will need consider questions such as: who you are going to research, how have they been chosen(e.g.  Probability/non probability and how many people and or organisations do you intend to research? The answers to these and other questions need to be justified (ie why in relation to the sample and the idea)

  1. Ethical Issues

It is important to demonstrate an understanding of the ethical issues facing researchers as a minimum you should indicate that you have read(you will need to reference) at least one ethical code of conduct. You should also cover issues of confidentially and anonymity

  1.                Timescale (Over a 10 month period of time) and any resources required


Include a plan (could be in a table) of what you propose to do month by month (e.g from September to june) and consider any resources you might need

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