• April 9th, 2016

An interpretive essay

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The interpretive essay should be on a subject your choosing, and be approximately 5,000 wordsin length. The only stipulation for the paper is that it covers
at least 50% of the subject matter of the module and in doing so compare and contrast different intercultural encounters. This means that it must analyse the required materials for each week of the module. Possible module interpretive essay topics include:
The varying motivations for journeys to other places and other peoples.
The knowledge about cultures and peoples produced by intercultural encounters
and journeys.
The social, psychological and political consequences of intercultural encounters.
The differences and similarities between early and later journeys and intercultural
The meaning of ‘whiteness’ and race in the materials covered.
The depiction of gender and sexuality in cultural encounters.
The liberating potential of travel and exposing oneself to cultural difference.

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