• April 4th, 2016

An evolution a style or genre of Rock/Pop music

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

For your final project you will present a researched topic. The project will have five parts: the proposal, bibliography, draft poster and the final poster and aural presentation. The only topic you cannot use is a band or Rock personality

Your topic can include the following:

  • An evolution a style or genre of Rock/Pop music
  • An examination of the evolution of the playing styles of an instrument as evidenced in Rock Music
  • An educational issue related to Rock/Pop Music
  • The economics of a Rock/Pop style
  • A political, social, or economic issue that is expressed through Rock music (this needs to be evolutionary) For example, if you are research voting rights, begin as far back as you can in studying how discussions of this topic have developed over time in Rock/Pop music
  • The interaction of Rock or Popular music and another art form (dance, film, theater, visual arts, etc.)
  • Rock/Pop music and Spirituality
  • The only topic that will not be accepted is a specific performer or performance group


The research questions to be answered by this project include:

  1. What instruments can be considered precursors to the American banjo?
  2. What was their use, construction, and how did the banjo function in society?
  3. When did the banjo first appear in the United States? What has been its evolution?
  4. What are the main techniques on the banjo developed in the United States, how do they differ, who are its musical innovators?

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