• March 12th, 2016

American Sociology

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Jeffrey C. Alexander’s cultural sociology and particularly his notion of performance provide new sociological insights into the politics of American Presidential campaigns. Discuss Alexander’s contribution in light of the current 2016 campaign and do so by concentrating on the New York Times’s coverage of the campaign. >These are the assignment guidelines that I took down in class. ASSESSMENT Address the question. Sociological background (theorist or author) eg. Tocqueville, its not what somebody else has said about him, stay closest to the question as you can. Theme and topic. Nice argument and good reasoning. The pros and cons, different argument and then come to a conclusion based on the evidence. Run down the facts. Not so much narration, this will bring you down to a C level. No boring, some excitement & quality reasoning. You can almost say anything in this essay, do not hold back with your opinion but show evidence for this. The bibliography is important, look at book & article formats. Have a variety of different references a lot of theoretical arguing. Does not matter how many you use but how well you use the sources. How you say it is as important. The tone, rhetoric and style is very important. A good mix between quality argument and the way you present your argument. Tricks – ‘Editing by ear’ – read your text out loud. Record yourself and listen. You get a sense of the flow of your argument and the melody. 6 1/2 pages – 2,500 words. Put it away for 10 days and reread it. Write in the active mode, not the passive mode. Sources – Don’t use crap sources from the web. use academic sources: books, journals & articles. Bibliography should be in alphabetical order not numbered Harvard style or Chicago style referencing (must double check)

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