• April 16th, 2016

Amazon Tribes funeral ceremonies

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

the course is for intercultural communication. this is the professor's instructions:

Throughout this course, we have been discussing the complexities of cultural assumptions and judgments. For your final project, you are asked to spend some time researching a cultural practice that is unfamiliar to you. It should be a cultural practice that you judge as objectionable or difficult for you to understand. Your task will be to try to explain the practice from the perspective of those who engage in the practice.

In this course, we are attempting to recognize cultural differences and conflicts and develop our skills to overcome intercultural conflicts. We have spent some time looking at the ways cultural identities and understandings are formed. You will need to use some of these understandings in your exploration of a cultural practice when you consider its origins and purpose. You will have to select a practice that you can research from the perspective of those who engage in the practice. This is an important criteria that might eliminate some of the practices you might want to select for this assignment.

What is the history of the practice? How is the practice connected to culture and the history of that culture? What does it mean for the people who practice it? In what ways are the meanings communicated, and why? What are their reasons for engaging in this practice? What are the various symbols/elements of the practice and what is the significance of each of these elements or symbols?

You will be asked to do a personal reflection after completing the research as a part of your presentation. The goal is not to change your opinions or judgments concerning the practice. Rather the goal is to seek a deeper understanding of an unfamiliar practice that evokes a strong emotion and to consider how gaining more knowledge about it from the perspective of those who engage in it influences your understandings of cultural practices.

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