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T he course work is about project management module that i had, my project here is to establish flying school in sultanate of Oman. where no exist of flying academy in Oman.so please mention that at the beginning as an introduction . and i will be submitting two document .
1- Project Management Course Work criteria and instruction in how it should be done and please try as much as you can to cover each section of it , so i can submit with editing
2- project process , knowledge areas and process of the project so please cover this an Axel sheet as you write the course work

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Select, plan and develop a Project of your choice within the broader perspective of strategic business management. Highlight your role as the Project Manager. The project plan must include all processes and activities in respective process groups / knowledge areas as key framework elements of Project Management.


You are required to use project management tools and techniques, scheduling skills, quality and estimating standards. You will select and assess the business case and provide evidence to show efficient planning of the project. The human and change aspects will also need to be considered which demonstrate quality of management decisions.


You will need to:


             Identify Project concept, scope, aims and objectives and apply appropriate project management tools & techniques for effective and successful implementation of the project and by using appropriate scope, time, quality and cost parameters.


             Appraise key aspects of the project management strategy to the organizational structure and business environment of the organization.


             Recommend a suitable structure and processes for project monitoring and control using relevant Project tools, techniques and graphic representation of data.


             Address organizational aspects like quality, risk management and include financial forecasting, uncertainty & risk analysis.


             Integrate planning with estimating and budgeting, budgetary control and use an appropriate planning, execution, implementation and management strategy.



Guidance on template and use of PM tools & techniques


  1. Word count approx. 3,000 words.


  1. Comprehensive table of content, introduction and overall conclusion of the Project.


  1. Proper referencing, professional format and layout.


  1. Select and apply appropriate tools and techniques for the planning and management of the project.


  1. Generate inputs and outputs for the envisaged Project by using all relevant process groups and knowledge areas – ensuring all sections / headings of the template are fully covered.( document 2)


  1. The effects of constraints on projects – scope, time, quality, and cost – and their interaction with other specific needs of the project.


  1. Use of scheduling tools including Work Based Structure, Gantt and Network diagrams and also key risk analysis tools and techniques for estimating project timescales, cost and effort.


  1. Use of tools for controlling project progress (time, quality, and cost).


  1. Demonstrate use of project quality standards.


  1. Compliance with legal and ethical standards.

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