• March 9th, 2016

Air/foam drilling

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The objective of the paper is to give the reader an A – Z understanding of air/foam drilling. The paper won’t focus on a single aspect of air/foam drilling instead will have an overall picture of multiple aspects related to air/foam drilling. This request is the first part of a longer assignment, so more parts will be added to the paper later on. For this part, I want an introduction to air/foam drilling and section related to techniques and equipment used. I will upload 3 papers to be used to write this.

Paper SPE-6435-MS has multiple sections of interest: mechanics of air drilling, equipment required, unloading and drying the hole, and downhole problems. I would like these sections to be summarized and included in the paper. The section about “downhole fires” can be ignored as that will come later.

SPE-122207-MS is the most recent paper out of the lot. I would like it to be summarized into a section or used as much as possible.

PETSOC-6835 is an additional source that can be useful in the introduction part of the paper.

Please give each section it’s appropriate heading. You aren’t limited to this amount of words, if you end up needing more word to express the subject feel free to request them but please explain why.

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