• February 10th, 2017

Air Pollution – vs- Global warming

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As you will recall from the tirst week of class, the environmental movement led to great changes in the way we dealt witb air and water pollution. In the years between 1955 and 1975 legislation was passed, with support from both parties that pretty much cleaned up the air and waters that we had fouled so badly by then. Today we are still struggling with those same pollution problems but we are also faced with the challenge of Global Warming, which is basically an air pollution problem.

How does the risk / damage that we face from Global Warming compare with the risks / damages we faced back in the 1950s from what we knew to be air pollution?

I would say that one thing that has changed since the Environmental Movement is that business has learned how to oppose air pollution control by the government / public much more effectively. What are some of the tactics businesses use to avoid having to change the way they do business to protect the public and the environment?

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