• April 16th, 2016

AIG Accounting Scandal

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Required to select a corporate accounting scandal that was caused due to wrong adoption of the accounting standards or misrepresentation of the financial accounts or corporate governance failures.
Report should be under the following headings with critical arguments.

[Selected Scandal: AIG accounting Scandal , Should follow the below headings & NO need Introduction Page, just logical answers to below 06 headings. ]

1. What are the accounting issues encountered as a result of the scandal you have chosen & reason behind the issue? Should mention ALL the relevant standard or accounting principles, policies violated.

2. What Impact caused to the financial statements & company as a whole?

3. How such issue/s caused to the failure of the company & backed by critical arguments.

4. What were the consequences to the company, to the main stakeholders and to the community as a whole due to the collapse of the company?

5. What lesson for any Accounts managers to learn from this Issue & how to avoid such accounting issues in the future.

6. Logical recommendations with necessary actions to the top management should have been taken. Link the corporate governance theories and accounting related rules on this matter a MUST.

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