• April 7th, 2016


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Thanks to new medications and surgical techniques, people are living longer and healthier lives. However, the body we had at 55 will be a very different body than the one we have at 75. Many issues, both genetic and environmental, affect how we age, as well as our quality of life as we enter our elder years. The most widespread condition affecting those 65 and older is coronary heart disease, followed by stroke, cancer, pneumonia, and the flu. Accidents, especially falls that result in hip fractures, are also unfortunately common in the elderly (Levy, 2015). The elderly are also at risk for financial and legal problems as well as elder abuse.

Conduct in-depth analysis of a pertinent topic related to aging.
Define the problem, specific population affected, cultural implications, and financial/legal/ethical implications.
What interventions can be used to address the problem? Provide 2 to 3.
What resources are available?
What are the associated costs? Is this idea sustainable?

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