• April 19th, 2016

Agile Leadership practice analysis on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

— Use leadership concepts/theories as follows:
1, strategic agility
2, leadership as purpose
3, agile leadership / leadership agility
4, knowledgable, innovative leadership
5, trait-leadership model (Zaccaro) and managerial competencies

— Writing requirements:
1. Identify Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg agile leadership case study and describe its strategic challenges for remaining ‘fit for purpose’. Basically, overall describe Sheryl Sandberg’s attributions at Google and Facebook, and how she did it successfully based on her agile leadership.
2. Provide an evaluation of how agile their current leadership is
3. Produce a development plan to increase leadership agility, including practical detail about specific development activities, and how they might track progress in implementing their improvements
4. Describe how you intend to increase your own leadership agility for obtaining the achievements you would like in the next phase of your career and life.

–No less than 12 References

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