• April 21st, 2016

Advising the individual taxpayer

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Advising the individual taxpayer
– Reporting obligations for individuals
– Property sales (e.g., homes, stock, businesses)
– Education planning (e.g., lifetime learning credit, IRC section 529 plans)
– Estate planning (e.g., gift versus inheritance,trusts, family partnerships, charitable giving,LTC, life insurance)
– Retirement planning (e.g., annuities, IRAs, employer plans, early retirement rules, required minimum distribution, beneficiary ownership)
– Marriage and divorce (e.g., divorce settlement,common-law, community property)
– Items that will affect future/past returns (e.g.,carryovers, net operating loss, Schedule D,Form 8801)
– Injured spouse
– Innocent spouse
– Estimated tax and penalty avoidance
– Adjustments, deductions, and credits for taxplanning (e.g., timing of income and expenses)
– Character of transaction (e.g., use of capitalgain rates versus ordinary income rates)
– Advantages and disadvantages of MFJ/MFS/HOH filing statuses in various scenarios.

used IRS forms and publication only

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