• April 11th, 2016

Advanced Review of Carbon Materials and Composites

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Answer these questions please without introduction or conclusion and balance there weights as shown by the percentages { a)30%, b)70%}:
a) Recently graphene, a new two dimensional material with exceptional capabilities and characteristics, has become apposite in the field of water filtration and desalination. Discuss the advantages of graphene over other membranes that are used for the purpose of water desalination. [30%]

b) As graphene continues to be studied for its unique properties, there is a need to produce a high quality product consistently and in large quantities. Discuss the current available methods to fabricate graphene. Which method offers the promise of a high quality and consistent product? Thereby summarizing information to gain procedural understanding, as well as, analyzing the information gathered to develop hypotheses and draw conclusions. You should take into account the production cost and environmental issues associated with the production. [70%]

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