• February 7th, 2017

Advanced Operations Management

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Be sure to visit the Overview of Required Assignments page to review the instructions for RA 2 due in Module 7 because this assignment provides the foundation for RA 2. For this assignment, you will complete an academic literature review of current operations management strategies with an emphasis on best practices for incorporating new and established technologies into business operations.
In completing this assignment, you will choose at least seven peer-reviewed articles from the Argosy University online library resources (beyond the required readings). You will review, analyze, and synthesize the selected materials. Later, you will use this information in RA 2 to develop a case study that details a business process reengineering (BPR) strategy for integrating IT with the goal of improving selected operational aspects of the business.
The purpose of this literature review is for you to practice the following:
• Critically review the articles and understand how the concepts are related
• Synthesize the various concepts and results of the review
• Write a collective analysis of the articles

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