• April 20th, 2016

Advanced Computer Skills – Networks & Telecommunications

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please be informed that this order includes PPT slides. The final result of this assignment are 3 files:

1. An Access File where you do all the work, as per all the information in the Wright Brothers Airport Shuttle Service Case Assignment.

2. A Word document (Information Specifications) where you answer the questions using the analysis you did in the Access file.

3. A detailed PowerPoint (Case Deliverables) file that “presents” your findings and covers all aspects of the case solution.

The questions that have to be answered are the questions on Information Specifications, Storage Specifications & Input Specifications, Test Your Design, and Case Deliverables as per the 1st attachment (named Wright Brothers Airport Shuttle Service -Case Study 24). The written report as indicated in the Case Deliverables should be addressed to the individual in the assigned case problem. (Pretend you are a consultant to the business in the case). Please, it does not have to be 100%, just want a good (reasonable) grade. No plagiarism whatsoever. Cannot have more than 30% similarity score, otherwise it won’t be accepted. It’s automatically run through turnitin. No work copied from author’s solution book of any sort. I just want honest work of your own. You must have access to Microsoft Office 2003 Professional or later. Attached is the Case Instructions and a sample Word and PPT document of another case, for ease of reference.

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