• April 19th, 2016

Action Plan from scenario

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

To begin with, your task is to prepare a written action plan. This is not assessable but you will have to produce it as evidence of your contribution to the group’s effort.

You need to:

1. Read either “Ways of thinking about our Values”, “Giving Voice to Values: A brief introduction” – or both – which are available on the Moodle page.
2. Read the scenario your group has been assigned.
3. Decide what outcome you think the key character in this case should aim for.
Place yourself in the position of the key person in your assigned scenario: taking into account the concepts of GVV, what should you say- to whom, when and how to reach the best possible outcome?
In order to answer these questions consider the following:
• What are the main arguments you are trying to counter? That is, what are the reasons and rationalizations you need to address?
• What is at stake for the key parties (including those who disagree with you)?
• What levers/arguments could you use to influence those with whom you disagree?
• What is your most powerful and persuasive response to the reasons and rationalisations you need to address? To whom should the arguments be made? When and in what context?

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