• April 23rd, 2016

Act Structure Identification

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. Watch Little Miss Sunshine. http://putlockerr.ac/tt0449059-watch-Little-Miss-Sunshine-online-putlocker.html. (Make sure to close the pop-up window when you hit “Play”)

2. Write down/identify each of the major structural beats of the film as we discussed in class. They are:

INCITING INCIDENT (usually around 10 mins.) — Something happens setting the hero in motion. Also moving the plot toward the central question.
CENTRAL QUESTION (usually around 17 mins.) — What is the movie about? (ex. 40 Year-Old Virgin: will Andy lose his virginity?)
ACT ONE BREAK (usually around 30 mins.) — The event that changes the rules forever. Protagonist can never go back to the status quo.
MIDPOINT (usually around 60 mins.) — Point when protagonist takes control of his/her own destiny. Usually a huge twist. Hero goes from being passive to active.
BIG GLOOM (usually around 85-90 mins.) — The lowest point for your protagonist. The moment when all seems lost.
CLIMAX (varies) — Everything that comes before should build to this scene.

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