• April 24th, 2016

Acne vulgaris is a common dermatological condition presenting in Dermal Therapies clinical practice.It is a very common condition,and is often targeted by product companies and skin clinics for skincare sales and treatments.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

-Introduction of the topic (include references)
-Outline the current epidemiological data regarding acne vulgaris
-Provide a detailed description of the clinical appearance of acne vulgaris inclusive of the different types of lesions associated with the condition
-Outline the classification system used to categorise acne vulgaris
-Discuss the aetiology of acne vulgaris including information regarding predisposing factors and pathophysiology (four major pathological processes)
-Identify the main aims of treatment for acne vulgaris
-Conclusion (no references)
-References must be relevant up to date peer reviewed journals.
– no pictures, dot points or tables included

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