• April 4th, 2016

Accounting for sustainable management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

should include:
a. Executive Summary
b. Table of contents
c. Introduction (including purpose, scope, limitations and assumptions)
d. Discussion (addressing Mr Bobster Master’s requirements)
e. Conclusion
f. List of References (at least 14 references that are not included in the textbook are expected, within these outside-of-textbook references minimum 5 academic refereed journal articles should be listed)

Suggestions and expectations:
Assignment has a focus on external reporting.
Your recommendations on the sustainability report are expected to be direct by legitimacy theory
To apply a theory well, you are suggested to explain the theory first.
legitimacy theory should be explicitly applied to your discussion on all of the five questions asked by Bobster.
Particular implications to sustainability reports from WML’s transport fleet, and the wetsuit supplier in Bangladesh are expected to be discussed within the first four questions. Areas for you to explore should include, but not limited to, road transport’s implication to carbon pollution and workers’ health and safety; Rana Plaza’s factory collapse’ impacts on WML; and social implications on woman workers in Bangladesh. These are expected to be considered in your recommendation in terms of sustainability reporting.
In terms of Question 5, you are suggested to consider issues relating to social implications if the local surfboard making worker are made redundant; local bamboos are not used as raw materials, transporting surfboards made in Chinese factory to Australian, and possible negative perceptions from stakeholders. However you are also expected to consider any possible positive outcomes from outsourcing surfboard making. It should be pointed out that in real world issues are often complex and there is no definite right or wrong decisions. The most important skill that you are expected to develop from this assignment is your reasoning skill and application skill. That is, you are expected to justify your arguments.

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