• February 13th, 2017

Accounting Case Study

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

A) Write a report that assesses the Quality problems faced by Cascade.

Report format:

1) Executive Summary (max 1 page) –you should write this AFTER you have completed parts 2-6. It is an Executive Summary—be sure it is effective. Assume I only have time to read 1 page—will I understand the issues and the recommendations after reading this?

2) Identify the major Quality issues and discuss their root causes. Support this part by developing an outline. This provides a framework of the major problems—do your final recommendations address all of these problems?

3) Discuss the Quality Costs by Category and performance problems. Support with a Quality Cost report like Exhibit 2B-3 in Chapter 2. Clearly identify the problem and its associated cost where applicable. These values provide important insights into the magnitude of each problem area. Be sure to explain.

4) Evaluate the current quality control department performance. The case describes how the current Quality Control Department is operating –knowing what you now know about Quality Control—evaluate!!

5) Evaluate the current cost accounting system. The case is giving you the information provided by their current cost accounting system. Knowing what you now know about quality cost reporting—evaluate!!

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