• April 17th, 2016

Accident Causation Models

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Accident Causation Models

• Heinrich’s Domino Theory
• Gordon’s Multiple Causation Theory • Epidemiological Model
• Bird’s Loss Causation Model (updated domino) • Bird’s Accident Ratio Triangle
• Haddon’s Energy Exchange Model
• Reason’s Swiss Cheese Model
• Bow-Tie Model

Compare and contrast three accident causation models of your choice. You will need to:
Describe the three mod·els of your choice using peer-reviewed literature, in a clear and concise manner.
From your research, indicate how the models are similar and different· in terms of their approaches, theories, methodologies, etc.
Discuss any areas of disagreement, controversy or debatePresentation· (3 marks)
Your essay should include the following:
ECU Assignment Cover Sheet·
Title Page·
Main Body (include relevant headings and subheadings as you see fit)·
Reference list·
Introduction & Conclusion (3 marks)
Main Body (20 marks)
Referencing (4 marks)
Total: 30 Marks

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