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Gardner writes that “most five-year-olds have developed a Star Wars script. Life consists of a struggle between Good and Bad forces, with the Good generally triumphant” (627). Do you believe this is still true? If so, provide some examples which demonstrate how children learn this “script.” If not, give examples which contradict it. When providing these examples, it is essential that you use SPECIFIC events, movies, books, television shows, news stories, etc. to support your case. For example, you might write about one character in a television show, or a single news story.
Also, provide some examples of why learning this “script” might handicap one’s ability to come to a true understanding of world events. What are some specific events that are not just about “good and bad,” and it is misleading to think that they are? Again, you will need a “Works Cited” page for this assignment.
Make the thesis more specific
Make the example more specific

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