• March 30th, 2016

A strategic HRM and talent management plan for Andrew Engineering

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Assignment task(s)

This assignment requires you to produce a report on the strategic resourcing and talent management approach to be taken within a fictitious organisation. In week 1 of the module you will be assigned to a group. This group is a ‘company’ operating in a specific industry and location. You will be given details of the scenario for your company in week 1.

The final summative assessment is an individual report. The report must cover the following elements:

  1. The vision for the company;
  2. An analysis of the current work force and relevant external employment markets;
  3. A strategic HRM and talent management plan for the company;


A report template is attached to this assignment brief. This outlines the sections that should be included in your report, the content we expect to see and the indicative weighting in our assessment of your work each section carries. Please be aware that this is not a strict weighting and we make an overall judgement of the quality of your work.

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