• April 12th, 2016

A Short Introduction to the English Planning System

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are a freelance planning consultant. Your client
is an agent for high quality newspapers such as the
Financial Times and the Economist.
Your client has instructed you to prepare a briefing
note on the current planning system in England, that
journalists can refer to when writing articles on
planning issues.
The aim of the briefing note is therefore to enable
journalists to better understand the recent (ie since
2010) history, context, political, environmental,
social and economic arguments that surround the
current planning system.
In other words, your briefing note will be a short
introduction to the English planning system.
Your assignment should consist of:
(a) The briefing note itself. This should be between
2000 and 2100 words long, and contain a
maximum of eight illustrations/diagrams/maps
and so forth. The word limits should be strictly
adhered to.
Note that captions (which should be kept
short but pithy) are not included in the word
count. The note should not include a table of
(b) A reference list
Note: References must be in the form of
NUMBERED ENDNOTES for this assignment
A good briefing note will have:
(a) a clear, easy-to-follow narrative structure;
(b) clear explanations of the issues and policies at
(c) good use of images and text to express and
support the points being made;
(d) a strong evidence-based approach

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