• April 2nd, 2016

A Progress/Performance Report

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COMM 2312 Technical and Professional Communication
Spring 2016

Assignment 3
A Progress/Performance Report (Lannon; Chapter 17, 24)
Each student has to write a Progress/Performance Report.
Due Date: Sunday April 3, 2016

PLEASE, note that it is the responsibility of the student to submit the required assignment on time. No late submission will be accepted, and no grade will be given for an assignment that is not submitted on time.


• You were provided a sample progress report in the class today
• You were time to read and discuss in the class to read.

Read the details below carefully to help you do this assignment. If you have any question, please see me during scheduled office hours, or you can schedule a meeting.
Purpose of Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to help students learn to write a progress/performance report which is a type of technical documents that are widely used in a work place.
• The student will be able to know the elements or parts of a progress report.
• The student will identify the style and the format of such technical and professional documents.
• The student will realize the professional importance of a progress report in a work place.

Submission Criteria
1. Each student has to upload an electronic copy of his work before class to the Blackboard by following the steps mentioned in the announcement section in blackboard.
2. The student should also submit a hard copy of this assignment in class for instructor’s note, feedback, and grading. See important notes below for format.
3. The total grade out of 10 for this assignment will show on the hard copy which should be kept in the student’s portfolio.
Requirements and Guidelines:

To maintain a good progress, it is important to read and follow the following guidelines:

The Progress/Performance Report:
1. You were asked by an instructor to do a group assignment in a particular course. Report to this instructor about the progress or performance of your group. Your report should include
the following parts:
1. Project Overview
2. Work Completed
3. Work in Progress
4. Work to Be Completed
5. Complications
2. See a sample and a template at the following link:
See also Lannon (Chapter 17; Page 332-334) for a sample.

Important Notes:

1. The following piece of info should appear on a separate cover page:

COMM 2312 Technical and Professional Communication
Assignment 3: A Progress/Performance Report (10%)

2. All the documents above should use Times New Romans, Font Size: 12, a space of 1.5 between lines, the margins should be either 2.5 cm or 2’’, and with the page number at the bottom right side of the sheet.
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