• January 9th, 2017

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Source the internet, especially news sites, looking for oppressions and its victims This topic can and SHOULD BE be a local, national, or international social justice problem that, for some reason, interests you. You’ll be conducting background research to find the specific types of sources called for in this assignment, and compose a 4-5 page essay that:

explains the background of the problem or issue and its social justice context
explores and analyzes at least one social justice theory and 4 background sources
identifies a series of questions for further research (topic proposal)

Research is the primary way in which intellectuals engage with one another, share information, and educate themselves about their interests. The goal of research is learning, so you don’t need to know anything about your topic before you get started, but you do need to have curiosity! Bruce Ballenger reminds us, “Your curiosity must be the driving force behind your research” (24). In other words, it’s better to be genuinely interested in your topic than it is to be an “expert” on it—as you conduct research, you will build up authority on your subject.

This essay represents an important step in the research process. Conducting good background research helps you understand the larger conversation about a problem or issue:

What is the social, political, and/or historical context of the problem or issue you’ve selected?
Who are the stakeholders and important players? What are their concerns and suggestions?
What are the significant debates, and how might your perspective contribute something meaningful to the discussion?
What solutions have already been tried? Did they work or didn’t they? Why?

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